Onion River Crossroads is located at the edge of Montpelier and sits on 10 acres of pasture, with gardens and a pool.

We serve teenage girls and young women ages 12-22. This is a “Teaching Family” facility where we implement a behavior modification system designed to teach skills and encourage the practice of better choices and alternatives. 

We have 10 full time staff providing coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have great success working with young women who want to see some change in their lives.

Our program has two components:

A Residential Treatment Home and a Transitional/Independent Living Program.

We are a community based program which means our girls attend public and alternative schools, play sports, and get jobs. We utilize local mental health and drug and alcohol treatment agencies for girls with these needs. We work very closely with families, providing 24 hour on call support during home visits. We believe that all girls need goals, and  work hard to support weekend visits and other safe and healthy goals.  We take a team approach and respect all parties involved with the girls’ lives. 


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