Our Mission

We work to provide a safe and stable environment for young women and their families to learn new skills, build confidence, and find strength while they prepare themselves for future goals.

Onion River Crossroads is a private, non-profit agency that serves Vermont families and their children who struggle with severe emotional and behavioral challenges. We are a community based residential treatment facility licensed for 8 girls between the ages of 12-18. We provide a safe, stable home environment where our residents can learn new skills, build confidence and develop higher levels of self-control and personal responsibility. The treatment utilized is Applied Behavioral Analysis to teach and reinforce social, educational, and independent skills.  We are affiliated with Methodist Home for Children, out of Raleigh North Carolina, a certified site through an an International Model of Care referred to as the Teaching-Family Model (TFA). More than half our staff and administration are accredited Family Teachers. The Teaching-Family Model (TFA) is a model of care for troubled youth used internationally in group homes, treatment foster care, schools, and home-based treatment. It was developed in the 1960’s through research at the University of Kansas. Our goal is to become our own TFA certified site by the year 2021.

We are all wonder women artwork

We promote a “normalized” living experience by not only utilizing local public/alternative schools and clinical services, but also by encouraging participation in therapeutic extra-curricular activities. We support friendships and outings, and understand that everyone is an individual with their own personal beliefs and interests. The Montpelier property is beautiful. We have 10 acres of land and a barn full of horses to ride. There is a swimming pool, bicycles, and a gym membership. We have therapeutic “pets”, and the residents play a big part in making sure they are healthy and well taken care of. We also plan “family” outings and celebrations, including trips to the ocean, amusement parks, holidays and birthdays. We give all our residents a chance to experience life with healthy choices and options.

Reunifying families is a huge part of our work at Onion River Crossroads. In conjunction with Department for Children and Families Vermont, Treatment Teams, community members and families, we develop a Treatment Plan. This gives our residents empowerment as they are a big part of the planning and constructing of their treatment goals.  They understand that meeting goals is dependent on their participation and dedication to their treatment. We schedule monthly treatment team meetings and follow up with quarterly reviews of progress.  Our “let’s work with the family” philosophy, helps teach parents how to manage issues at home as they come up, so they can develop their own set of tools to use when their child comes home permanently.  We provide 24/7 on call support and supervision, as well as transportation.

Living room at Onion River Crossroads